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Deeply Vale Boxed Set

Released 19th October 2014

Your opportunity to light a joss stick, put on a cd and relax into the 1970's Counter Culture of

Greater Manchester.


This is the story of how Deeply Vale was started and flourished in the hills above Rochdale.


The box set contains 6 CDs of bands who performed at or were connected with Deeply Vale, a 272 page A4 book, filled with reminiscences and images of the Deeply Vale Festivals 1976-1979, the Pickup Bank Festivals of 1980-1981, Rivington Pike 1976-1977 and Rock Against Racism 1978


To purchase your copy for £87






For telephone card orders

either 01565 734577 or 07970 219701


There are only 500 sets for the whole world.

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