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All the items shown are available to order whilst stocks last, write to Deeply Vale/Ozit Records, PO Box 116, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 5UG or email: or tel: UK 01565 734066.

You can also click on the image and you will be taken to our online store.

Deeply Vale DVD

Ozit DVD 0005

Deeply Vale Festival – The DVD 

Approx 31⁄2 hours of performances and interviews relating to the Deeply Vale Festivals – includes detailed booklet

Deeply Vale Festival –
Black T-shirt

Top quality T-shirt featuring the Deeply Vale Jester on the front and a list of bands who performed on the  reverse

Deeply Vale Festival –
Black T-shirt

Top quality T-shirt featuring the Deeply Vale logo on the front

Deeply Vale Festival –
Black T-shirt

Top quality T-shirt featuring the Deeply Vale 1978 Stage

Ozit CD0786

The Fall, Live at Deeply Vale

Contains an 8pp biographical booklet with rare photos of The Fall live at Deeply Vale.

Line-up: Mark E Smith - vocals, Karl Burns – drums, Yvonne Pawlett - keyboards, Marc Riley [future BBC Radio DJ Marc Lard] - bass guitar, Martin Bramah – guitar.

Deeply Vale 1978 set from a relatively unknown Prestwich band The Fall, fronted by Mark E. Smith.This Fall set is a fantastic audio document of their performance that afternoon.  Sleeve notes by Fall-i-cologist rock writer Mick Middles.

Ozit CD0783

Fast Cars, Live at Deeply Vale

Who Loves Jimmy Anderton

Recorded 7th August 1979

Teenage Fast Cars raw and powerful, "fast being the operative word", as once said by Peter Powell on BBC Radio One.

The recording includes the very first playing of "The kids just wanna dance". The set opens with a blistering version of "Images of you" with 19-year old Craig Hilton in full flight!

Sleeve notes by Rock Journalist Mick Middles.

Ozit CD0053

Nik Turner, Live at Deeply Vale 1978

This album and booklet is a MUST HAVE for every Hawkwind fan, and everyone who has ever attended Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Watchfield, Deeply Vale, Trentishoe and many other Festivals!

A beautiful colour CD booklet (by Strawbs "Grave New World"/Led Zeppelin designer Steve Jacuzzi) with many pages of pictures of Nik Turner and Deeply Vale Free Festivals and information on the roots of the Festival scene and its intermingling with the "Ladbroke Grove/Mountain Grill" bands of the 70s. 


Ozit CD0782

The Ruts, Live at Deeply Vale

A storming late 70s live performance from The Ruts at the legendary North West England Festival.

Comes with a 10-page foldout booklet with lots of images of Deeply Vale Festivals.

Ozit CD0781

Steve Hillage, Live at Deeply Vale 1978

The complete 77 minute concert on CD for the first time taken straight from the mixing desk. This CD represents the "last of the old", as the new, altogether more muscular, rhythm section backs the trio of Hillage, Miquette Giraudy and Christian Boule. Musically it's a set of things from the first four albums and presented here in excellent quality, so that you'll hear magical playing from all concerned. In many ways, Hillage's guitar work here is arguably better than on the previous live album - there seems to be an added bite, and certainly the whole performance is a lot stronger, none of the heaviness taken away by post-production or anything like that - it's all here in gloriously "untampered" sound - you hear it exactly as you heard it at the time. This is essential for anyone into Gong, Hillage and all spheres of psychedelia.

Ozit CD0219

Guitar George Borowski, Checkout Guitar George

Legendary Manchester and North-West guitarist and songwriter Guitar George Borowski played at Deeply in 1978 as part of The Out

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